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Do I Need a Permit to Replace a Driveway?

If your driveway requires replacement, there may be a permit required in your area in order to fix it. Whether or not you need a permit to replace a driveway depends on the regulations in your local area.

In many cases, a permit is required for any type of construction work, including replacing a driveway. However, the specific requirements can vary from one jurisdiction to another. 

Cities have building codes for many good reasons, but the primary purpose is to protect residents. These codes require contractors to abide by workmanship and material quality standards to ensure you end up with a quality driveway. For instance, when it comes to concrete, building code dictates the proper mix of aggregate and specifications pertaining to installing joints in the slab to minimize the occurrence of cracks and damage.

It’s always a good idea to check with your local building department to find out what the requirements are for replacing a driveway in your area. Some building departments may require you to submit plans or specifications, and they may also inspect the work during and after construction to ensure that it meets local codes.

Permits for Repairing vs. Replacing

If you are planning on doing a complete replacement for your driveway that requires widening or extending, you will most likely need a permit. If the driveway is in good condition and only needs a repair, it’s less likely you need to notify the city at all. However if the repair involves changes that would alter the sidewalk, curb, or gutter, then your local city may still need to approve plans and obtain a permit. 

A local concrete company in your area can help you navigate permits needed to complete your specific driveway project. 

Are Permits Required to Replace a Driveway in Atlanta?

In Atlanta, you may need a permit to replace your driveway, depending on the scope of the project. The City of Atlanta requires a permit for any work that involves the construction, alteration, or repair of a driveway.

To find out if you need a permit to replace your driveway in Atlanta, you should contact the Department of Planning and Community Development. They can provide you with information on the specific requirements and procedures for obtaining a permit in Atlanta.

It’s important to note that obtaining the necessary permits and following the proper procedures can help ensure that your new driveway meets the required standards, is safe to use and can help you avoid permits can help you avoid any fines in the future.

Sudlow Concrete can help you navigate what permits are required in the Atlanta for any project. Call us today to discuss your concrete needs. 


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