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When you google the word “concrete” and look at the image results, you’re met with pages and pages full of the color gray. And many people think that’s the only thing concrete can be…a boring gray material used in basements and garages and warehouses, places designed to be utilitarian rather than beautiful.


If that’s the case for you, then we at Sudlow Concrete are happy to dispel those misconceptions! In truth, concrete is an astoundingly versatile substance that can take on a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures, from red brick to blue slate or even wood planks. It’s the one material that can mimic so many others, while still being able to weather hurricanes, floods, and fire, and support the weight of tractor trailers.

Decorative stamped concrete has the unique ability to combine beauty with functionality, and we at Sudlow enjoy using it to help our customers reach their personal home improvement goals. However, producing colored stamped concrete is a somewhat delicate process. According to the Research Laboratory of the Portland Cement Association, certain pigments can actually weaken concrete. Fortunately for you, we’ve done the research, and we know which pigments (and what amounts) are safe.

The following (mineral) pigments are conducive to strong concrete with long-lasting color:

  • Buff, Yellow, Red – Iron oxide pigments.
  • Green – chromium oxide
  • Blue – ultramarine blue (not entirely satisfactory)
  • Brown – iron oxide or iron and manganese oxides
  • Black – black iron oxide or emulsified carbon black


The specific shade of color of the stamped concrete is determined by the water-to-dye ratio. It’s essential that the mixture is made properly, especially if multiple batches of concrete are being used. Improper ratios can result in inconsistent color, which will ruin the look you want to achieve.

Sudlow Concrete has over sixteen years of experience in the Atlanta area working with all things concrete, and stamped concrete is no exception. With something as complex as decorative stamped concrete, our expertise is exactly what you need. Trust your project to professionals who know what they’re doing: give us a call or fill out our website form to get in touch and discuss your project.

See some of our recent stamped & decorative concrete work! Call today for your free estimate or to talk to one of our concrete professionals.

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  • Communication is a key!

    Sudlow Concrete repaired a large sink hole in my driveway and another small area of the driveway that had cracked and was becoming an issue as well. The project took two days. The owner, Bill Sudlow, communicated with me through the entire process which was nice. I’ve been dealing with several contractors this month and not everyone understands that communication is a key factor to the home owner. The end results – – it looks great. Very pleased.

  • Quality of work was top notch!

    Bill Sudlow was such a pleasure to work with. He gave us an honest quote and the quality of work was top notch!! His crew was very friendly, hardworking and most importantly they cleaned up after themselves as if they were never there, except the gorgeous new driveway, with the lovely brick inlay they matched to the color of the house very well! Would recommend them to everyone!! Thanks Bill!

  • Bill and his crew were exceptional.

    Timely, professional and pricing was on point. I have worked with many contractors and Sudlow has moved to the top of my list. He will be getting a lot of business from the neighbors

  • The crew arrived on time

    Sudlow Concrete replaced parts of my concrete driveway and patio that were cracked and sinking. The crew arrived on time, worked in a very efficient manner, and did an excellent job. They also did an excellent job in making sure the job site was clean before leaving. I would use them again for any fututre concrete work.

  • Professional & Friendly

    Bill and his team do good work. I had them out a few days ago 7/2. The concrete is still curing but so far it looks great! Pricing was fair. He and his team were out ON TIME. The were professional and friendly. I will use them again in the future!

  • Highly Recommended

    We hired Bill and his crew at Sudlow Concrete for a fairly extensive driveway replacement/expansion job. The whole team was a pleasure to work with. There were several complexities to the job that other companies didn’t want to handle. Sudlow did it all and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend them.

  • Couldn't be happier

    Bill Sudlow and his crew just finished our driveway today, and we couldn’t be happier. We received four quotes and ultimately went with Sudlow Concrete based on all the great reviews and his very competitive price. He takes great care of his crew, and they have worked with him for a long time. I was very impressed with how hard these guys worked and how meticulous they were with smoothing out the concrete and adding vertical and horizontal joints. Bill also helped us with filling in a sinkhole in our backyard. I would highly recommend Bill and his team for any concrete job.

  • Job Well Done!

    Sudlow Concrete is one of the very best companies, bar-none!!……..arrived on time!…very professional!….kept his word on the price for the large parking pad with a ramp. Extremely conscious of the work that is being performed by his crew!……and the customer’s expectations….gave expert advice for working in a close confinement area while avoiding damaging the sprinkle system and heads/pipes all over the backyard. Moreover, Bill wanted to know before he left if we were completely satisfied with the results; the answer from me and my wife was a resounding YES!!……also, the job is not finished, if the clean-up is lacking…..JOB WELL DONE; Sudlow Concrete.

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