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Diagnosing Concrete Cracks

Diagnosing concrete foundation cracks can be tricky. You have to look at the shape, size, pattern and frequency of the crack as well as the correlation between cracks in the floors, location of the crack and other site factors to truly determine the problem.

Sound like hard work already? Sudlow Concrete is Atlanta’s top concrete contractor and has a line up of products to help deal with any type of concrete project including any kind of crack.

Let’s start with Horizontal Cracks. Generally horizontal cracks are either the result of inadequate reinforcement or the result of pouring new concrete on old concrete, which results in a cold joint crack. The latter is easily taken care with the epoxy and adding carbon fiber staples would be a plus. A horizontal crack which is not a cold joint is most likely a structural problem and needs carbon fiber straps along with the epoxy. You have to reinforce the whole wall for proper repair. The staples are used to keep a crack from opening where the stress is just affecting the area around the crack and not the whole wall. This is usually found on a diagonal crack.

Vertical cracks usually aren’t the result of a structural problem. It is usually the result of expansion and contraction due to thermal changes. But if a vertical crack is larger at the bottom than the top it is caused from settlement under the building. These cracks may be less serious than horizontal when found in a masonry block wall but they cracks could be quite serious when found in a brick wall, especially if bond courses are broken and there is risk of collapse.

In nonstructural cracks, it is best to use a polyurethane crack injector. Polyurethane flexes with the crack while it creates a waterproof seal to stop any possible leaks.

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